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News and Updates

total stickers in galleries: 1908

March 8 2005
Don't worry the Stickerswitch exchange is still going strong - but the website hasn't been updated in a long time. It will be updated with all backlogged stickers someday soon hopefully.

July 20 2004
Just a small update to the france gallery.

July 14 2004
A day of huge updates to the canada, germany, italy, netherlands, sweden, and especially uk galleries.

July 13 2004
A nice big update to the france gallery, plus a small addition to the new jersey gallery.

July 11 2004
More additions to: ohio, pennsylvania, and rhode island. Plus new galleries for: new hampshire and south dakota

July 10 2004
Additions to lots of categories: alabama, arizona, connecticut, georgia, kansas, minnesota, newjersey, north carolina, oregon, texas, and washington.

July 8 2004
Sticker pics have been added to the california, florida, and massachusets galleries. Plus a whole new, new york, page.

July 7 2004
A new michigan gallery.

May 3 2004
StickerSwitch is featured in a great interview on Sticker Nation!

April 26 2004
Small additions to lots of categories: arizona, brazil, connecticut, germany, indiana, italy, maryland, north carolina, pennsylvania, united kingdom, virginia, and washington. With brand new galleries for: colombia, czech republic, greece, mexico, and singapore

April 25 2004
1500 STICKERS IN GALLERIES. Over the last few days we've made huge additions: belgium, brazil, italy, netherlands, new jersey, new york, and united kingdom. With brand new galleries for: colorado, switzerland, ukraine, and virginia

April 20 2004
So many new pictures!: australia, connecticut, florida, france, massachusets, and washington

April 19 2004
Another Big Update: arizona, california, canada, illinois, minnesota, poland, and spain

April 18 2004
A massive update to the germany gallery, which expands on to a whole new page.

Feb 20 2004
A nice new selection of stickers have been added to the Rhode Island gallery and the UK gallery which has expanded onto a third page .

Feb 17 2004
Additions to the utah gallery.

Feb 16 2004
A new gallery for florida has been put up. Pictures have been added to the pennsylvania and sweden galleries.

Feb 12 2004
There are now new galleries for japan, and ohio. Plus pictures have been added to the netherlands gallery which has been expanded to a second page.

Feb 2 2004
The front page has been touched up and a faq has been created.

Jan 26 2004
Lots of stickers have been added to the New York gallery which also has expanded onto a new page .

Jan 25 2004
Fourty-one new stickers in the Germany gallery which now has a second page.

Jan 15 2004
Many additions have been made to the France, Finland, Brazil, California, Connecticut, Georgia, and Illinois galleries.

Jan 13 2004
Small additions to the Arizona, Australia and Canada galleries.

Jan 12 2004
Finally new pictures in the Washington, Massachusets and Portugal galleries. Plus there are new galleries for Alabama, Oregon, Lithuania, and Iceland.

Oct 21 2003
Brand new Brazil and Portugal galleries.

Oct 20 2003
StickerSwitch is featured in the news on Sticker Nation! - a site that deserves much respect, for its contribution to the sticker community.

Oct 15 2003
Nice big additions to France and Texas galleries.

Oct 14 2003
New stuff in Arizona and Rhode Island galleries.

Oct 3 2003
A Finland gallery has been added. A few pictures have also been added to the New Jersey, and California galleries.

Oct 2 2003
Pictures have been added to the Illinois, Minnesota, and United Kingdom galleries.

Sept 26 2003
Lots of new pictures in the California and Pennsylvania galleries.

Sept 23 2003
Brand new Arizona gallery. Plus a few new pictures in the New Jersey, Nebraska, Italy, and New York galleries.

Sept 22 2003
Stickerswitch has a new mailing address. The old address will still be active to allow for transition.

Sept 18 2003
Tons of new pictures added to the France and United Kingdom galleries.

Sept 17 2003
Poland, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Utah galleries added.

Sept 16 2003
New pictures in the New York , and California galleries.

Sept 15 2003
New pictures in the Canada gallery.

Sept 14 2003
New pictures in the Italy, Nebraska, and New Jersey galleries.

June 17 2003
Version 2.0 of stickerswitch is launched, with extensive changes and lots of new pictures! Most importantly, you can now view larger versions of all stickers.