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essential links
----------STRICTLY STICKERS----------
Peel Magazine - a brand new sticker mag
Sticky Art - buy stickers from sticker artists
Stick It - europe's sticker center
Sticker Nation - contribution based sticker site
Sticker War - expansive sticker project
Urban Wallpaper - top notch sticker site/ with an option to buy assorted stickers
Bomit - Austin Texas sticker renegades
Hazchem - Eindhoven sticker site

Anthony Skirvin - "Warned" from San Francisco
Abe Lincoln Jr. - the guy from NY with the pooping birds
Jon Burgerman - English artist with great characters and really fun website
Saru - London
Rich Mackin - Allston, MA
Evil Design - MA
Ban Comic Sans - ban the font
Robots Will Kill - staten island. NY
Flower Guy - Michael A. De Feo, NY
Gary Coleman Has A Posse - nebraska
108 Artworks - Alessandria, Italy
Sickboy - beutiful style, UK
I Threw Up - hilarious stickers
Flying Fortress - Germany
LudMason - Minnesota
Arrrgh! - Hannover & Hamburg, Germany
1501 - Italy
Burn 353 - Illinois
Upper Playground - gallery/clothing in LA
tribal gear - California clothing company
doubleoc - skateboard co. CA

Wooster Collective - Soho, NYC
Peepshow Collective - UK
Faile - NY
Scrawl Collective - UK
SOL Crew - NL
Weareshit -

Six Centz - NYC's top graffiti site
Art Crimes - the internet's largest graff site
Ekosystem - major world graffiti hub
South East Hip Hop - Knoxville, TN
Style Fanatix - extensive site, Germany
Drama Visuals - out of RI

Sticker Robot - if you want to print color stickers you've got to use stickerobot
Sticker Guy - get your stickers printed (i've used them)
Creative Commons - new copyrights which allow for varying degrees of sampling, remixing, and sharing