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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: How does the exchange work?
    A: 1. You send me your stickers and a self addressed STAMPED envelope.
    (I need your address to send you stickers back)
    *international return postage is paid for by stickerswitch
    because foriegn stamps can't be used in the USA
    2. Next I will send you a package of stickers from other artists about the same size as the package you have sent.
   3. Lastly I will scan some of your stickers for inclusion on the stickerswitch website, before mailing your stickers to other artists around the world.

2. Q: How many stickers should I send?
   A: As many as you want. The amount of stickers you will get back is determined by how many you send. Send more, get more. In the past we have recieved as little as 1 or 2 stickers and as many as 600.

3. Q: Can I choose what stickers I will get?
   A: Not really, the stickers that you get are dependent on the stickers that have recently been sent in. We quickly run out of specific stickers, what you'll get is a random mix.

4. Q: Do I need to send you my address?
  A: No, you can just send stickers to be on the website and to be distributed, without getting any stickers for yourself.

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